Betting tips

This is a guide to betting online. Learn more about betting odds and learn to win at gambling. This is Lightning Course which helps the beginner to succeed with online betting. Also advanced players can find some good tips here.

It is not difficult to start with betting on the Internet. For a chance to win, then you must also be willing to invest their own money.

Betting guide

Our knowledge bettin extends far back, and we 've learned a few things that are guaranteed to help you get better odds when playing. Our experience is your peace of mind, and here are some betting tips:

  1. Several gaming companies: the best betting companies can be found here. To open betting account is free and you risk nothing. Some give you free games just by creating account. The vast majority provides generous welcome bonuses up to a certain amount, and it's one of the reasons why you should register several places - to get all the bonuses you can get. Besides, you always have access to the best odds when you can pick and choose among all the best bookmaker clean. Sign up several places.
  2. Odds: games where the odds are best, every time. You need to check the various betting companies, in advance of each game, to find out who has the best odds. Therefore, you must do that in the first paragraph (register an account with any known bookmakers), so you can always play where the odds are best. This naturally increases your chances to win more, without increasing extra effort.
  3. Experts and betting tips: You may want to use the experts' comments and betting tips as a basis for the gameplay, but even better is that if you are your own expert. Just as you do not need to have special knowledge of a corporation when to trade shares in the company, you do not have knowledge of a particular team or athlete when to tip: In stock trading, you can use something called technical analysis, and when you do not have knowledge about the company. In betting, you can use the odds in itself as a basis to find out a little about probabilities: See what each bookmaker clean set odds for the same betting object, and you can on the basis of the find some interesting conclusions that you can use to take game decisions. A sophisticated and often profitable way to play! Try different strategies to find out what works for you in tipping.
  4. Bet to win money: To Predict can be fun, but the funniest thing is of course to win money. If you play to win, so the focus should be on roller cleaning tapes while you aim to accumulate cash holdings between each game. It does not matter how often you win or lose, but the only thing that matters is if you win more than you lose. So does the frequency of small victories, but the extent of gains versus losses are what matters. To have control of how much you win and lose, it is recommended that you create a log of your total losses and gains.
  5. Bonuses in tipping. When you gamble, so it is smart to use the foreign bookmaker clean. Not just because they give you the best odds, but also because you get extra bonuses here. Both new and existing players are eligible for bonuses when they make money. Especially welcome bonus can be attractive. Set the maximum amount to get full coverage for the bonus. It pays to register with all major bookmakers in order to maximize bonuses, and thus the most bang for play money. See the following list of betting bonuses.

Tips on betting and odds

Who dreams of winning big money in betting, understand that you have to invest some money for that dream to come true. To increase the chance of winning, you must also increase their efforts. You have more chance of winning if you play for 10,000 dollars than if you play 100.

Increased investment also increased risk, but it's part of the game. It is important to be aware of the responsibility and only play for money you can afford to lose, even if the purpose is to win. There are many who win big on tipping, and some manage to live on it, but it comes at the same time that they are somewhat realistic.

Tipping should only do for the money you can afford to spend on such things, then you will both have fun and get the chance to win large prizes.

Novice Errors in betting online

Many beginners make many mistakes when they bet online. Here are the common mistakes that often cause problems for the player:

  1. Use only in one or few betting companies - This is a cardinal mistake that many beginners commit. If you use only a few companies when you gamble, you'll miss the extra bonuses, and more importantly, you will not always get to play where the best odds.
  2. Playing for money you need to pay important bills. Playing off the rent or money to be spent on other vital things are a warning sign. It is the first step towards gambling. Although gambling can be both fun and important to you, then you can not prioritize gameplay over other costs that are absolutely vital. Do not gamble away money they need to pay bills with, or save money to be used for something more important than gameplay.
  3. Playing with foreign betting companies. Foreign bookmakers generally have better odds, and you get bonuses when you deposit money. Games where the odds are best, and where you get the most bang for your buck.
  4. Forget to check the odds on all betting companies. If you want to win money, it is best if you have an account with several gaming companies. Thus, you can anytime play where you get the best odds, and so you get more bang for your bet if you win, without increasing the amount of money you bet.

Where you get the best odds

It varies where you can find the best odds. There is never one company that stands out, and that is precisely why you should check the odds before each game.

Once it is perhaps Unibet giving you the best odds, other times you may find better odds at Betway and Betsafe.

If your goal is to win money betting, so you play where you get the best odds - every time. It just requires a little extra work.

Here are the game companies with the best odds


Here are some general tips on betting. Experts can provide many good odds tips, but here you'll find betting tips that apply in all situations, and that everyone involved in betting should know.

If we were given one tip about betting on the internet, it must be this:

Play only using foreign betting companies - here you get the best odds! You will also enjoy great welcome bonuses when playing in foreign betting companies.

Foreign Has a higher paybackwhich is often more than 90 % (often over 95 %) as opposed to just under 50 percent.

It goes without saying where it pays to play!

You can find odds tip over, but as long as you do not guess where you get the best odds, then you have missed the most important betting tip there is. Find the best game companies in the link above and sign up several places to get the best bonuses and you will always have access to the best odds.

Other tips on betting

The main reason to play in foreign betting companies is that you get the best payback. This is demonstrated on the odds you get. Note that there are many bookmakers to choose from, but which ones offer the best odds vary from time to time and therefore you should constantly monitor opened where you can get the best odds for exactly what you want to play on.

Good welcome bonuses are an important reason to play in foreign betting companies.

Can easily double play money before you even start to play:

Subscribe to all of these gambling sites and get a bonus for each company where you create betting account and deposit money. It gives you a lot of extra money. There is a limit to how much you get bonus with every company, but if you take advantage of all companies is the total bonus worth many, many thousands of dollars.

Saturday Tipping

Betting on Saturdays is a tradition in many countries. Saturday is the day when people can treat themselves to clear the bit. Now it is not just one day a week to guess, but sometimes several days - or every day if you wish.

Not one day need to be de-energized, now that it is possible to clear every day. You have the opportunity to win big at any time. The foreign bookmakers gives you many ways to play and you can play most games and sporting events worldwide.

Saturday is no longer the big betting day. Now it is usually life that has taken over for the most intense tilting, and then one Saturday tipping to cuddle up with on the weekends.

Tips on Betting

Secret trick to tipping, tipping is where you get the best odds. As we have already mentioned, it is wise to register an account with various betting companies, since no sides have the best odds every time - this varies.

Therefore, you should have an account at all the best bookmaker clean. So you play where you get the best odds.

List of foreign online betting companies