List of online bingo sites

Online Bingo is both exciting and socially. It is possible to win several million in one night, and it's actually more popular with bingo games than poker

There are only a handful of good bingo sites on the web, barely there.

  • Maria Bingo - nice page where you also to play bingo and win a million gains on the bingo board risk not only to win money, but you can also meet new interesting people here. Great bingo site that gives you that extra edge when playing online bingo.
  • Unibet bingo is too ingenious to bingo. This is not as feminine as Maria Bingo, but otherwise much of the same functionality and very good playing environment. Recommended.
  • NordicBet Bingo is probably the best European bingo site. Free Bonus of 200 to all bingo players
  • Betsson also provides an online bingo, this also works just fine for what we have heard from others, but we have not tested this yet.
  • Bingo is a game anyone can win money. All you need is some money to play for - and luck of course!
  • In addition, you need a place to play online bingo. We particularly like Unibet their bingo sites.

At Unibet, Maria Nordicbet and has won and been paid benefits flawlessly, on account a few days after ordering (Unibet and NordicBet was fastest).

What do the words in bingo?

Bingo is easy to learn and easy to play. The terminology may indeed be new to some. Here is an explanation of frequently used words in the bingo games online

  • Admission - means that you have permission to join a bingo game. Most bingo games start at an exact time. " Admission Packet " is a minimunsantall board you have to buy to get permission to attend.
  • Basket Bingo - a game where you do not win money, but the rewards of a " basket" (basket).
  • Bonus - is when you get something extra on first deposit. For example, you can Double bonus at Maria Bingo. Inputting 700 means that you get 700 extra to play for (a total of 1400 million!).
  • Bingo Card - English words bingo board (or bong as it is also known).
  • Cashier - withdrawal and deposit of money made ​​here. This is a kind of online terminal for your bingo account with the service.
  • Coverall - the winner is the one who first gets all the numbers on the bingo board.
  • Face - what the British call bingo board
  • Full board - when you have all the numbers on the bingo board, you get a full card. Called in English for "full house".
  • Pattern bingo - where you have to get a special monde to win.
  • Quickie - when bingo numbers drawn quickly. Maybe not as exciting, but you tried to play more.
  • Variety of bingo - or " variant bingo " consists of five draws. In the first draw is 1 row to be covered in the second row 2:02 rows, and so on until 5 rows in the fifth draw.

Where is it best to play bingo?

Our clear favorite is that you probably understand Maria Bingo. We are not alone, this seems. This is the most popular bingo site.

Maria Bingo has the best bingo site online. You can play in a social environment where small talk and chatting is allowed, or you can play in a more closed environment, it is up to you and your preferences. Here are a social environment and thousands of active players.

Maria Bingo is no installation or download required to play at Maria Bingo. You do not need to download any software to play, all done in the browser (such as the one you are using to view this page).

Direct link: Visit the Maria Bingo homepage

Maria Bingo is the most popular in bingo site on the web

  • Maria Bingo is greatest at bingo in Europe, and also the largest and most popular bingo games service. Whether you are an experienced bingo player, or completely new to the world of bingo, we can guarantee you that you will like Maria Bingo.

    Service Maria Bingo was started in 2006 and is home to an extremely wide range of different bingo games. Despite the fact that bingo is a game enkelst, there are opportunities for variety and creativity, and here's Maria Bingo a world leading pioneer.

    Bonus you get at Maria Bingo is a classic 100 % match, which means you get twice the first time you deposit money. Therefore, it is of course extra profitable to put a lot of money the first time you play at Maria Bingo. If you deposit money in 1200 you get 2400 dollars to play for!

    The different bingo games at Maria Bingo:

    • Breakfast Bingo - you're up early in the morning, this bingo game for you. From time. 6-9 Breakfast Bingo played at Maria Bingo. Price per board is 10 million.
    • Lunch Bingo - played from at. 11 hours onwards. 14th Price per board is at 10 million.
    • Midnight Bingo - is played from midnight until 6 o'clock in the morning. You pay between 5 million to 10 million per tray.
    • Ion - has the largest main prize at Maria Bingo. One board costs 10 dollars here.
    • Variant Bingo - Classic bingo, £ 20 per board.
    • Scandinavian Super Bingo - Big gains from 20.000 million, but can quickly become very much bigger! Tag price of 20 dollars.
    • JP60 - small gains of 400 million but greater chances of winning. 20 R / ironing boards.
    • Nova Max 8 - You can buy a maximum of 8 boards, and starting pot is at 30,000. Price: 10 € per tray.
    • Mini Bingo - Cheapest game, where board costs only 1 dollar. Startjackpot is still as high as 800.