Lotto is a game everyone knows. It has become very popular to play lotto online. If you play online you have the opportunity to participate in the really big lotteries.

How to play lotto online?

Use EuroLotto to buy your lottery tickets online. From this service you can play at any lottery around the world, big and small.

If you don't play lotto online, you have restricted options. You should use a lotto service where you can buy lottery tickets from other national lotteries as well, in order to increase your winning chances. For example, if you want to play the MegaMillions or Powerball lottery (the two biggest lotteries in the U.S.), then you need to buy a lottery ticket in the United States. The same applies if you are going to play EuroMillions which is a public lottery for many countries in Europe.

EuroLotto can include play Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, the popular Italian SuperEnaLotto, Viking Lotto and many more lotteries.

How to play on any lotto game in the world:

  1. Click on EuroLotto and open a free play account there.
  2. Select which lottery you want to play.
  3. Pay for lottery coupons, and you will get a copy of this email.
  4. You are in the draw for the world's biggest lotteries.

It is possible to win BILLIONS of dollars in some of these lotteries. Over a hundred million is almost weekly prizes in these lotteries.

So the conclusion must be: Player Still in a lottery where you "only" win a few million, so get rather play for the really big money prizes. The probability of winning these lotteries are not so different, the main difference is the number of participants, which affects the size of EuroLottoy winnings.