Roulette strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. It is very easy to play, and although there is much chance that come into play, so it is still possible to improve the chances of winning by 61 percent. We show you hvodan you can win money at roulette.

It is wrong to say that roulette is based only on luck, although it can be classified as a game of chance. With a good strategy in roulette you can actually get much better vinnsesjanser.

Mathematicians have found that roulette is a game where statistics are not negligible, some experts in gambling has long claimed. There are people who have won a lot of money and become rich at roulette, using strategies that they believe is the reason they won.

How to earn money on roulette

So how do you earn money on roulette? The first thing to do is find a place to play roulette, we recommend Casumo casino, which is one of the best casinos on the internet. Here you fair casino games of the highest quality, it will, among other things, that they use a random number generator that makes it completely arbitrary which number in roulette ball lands on.

Casumo is the best place to play roulette online, so before you read on, we recommend that you create an account there. Once you have done that you can read about our Roulette strategy below.

Roulette strategy

Einstein once said that the only way to win at roulette, was stealing money from the roulette table. In the same decade that he made this statement, there was a bunch gamblers who won unstoppable at roulette in the United States, this was the 1930s.

Strategy for tricksters was to find roulette wheels that were manipulated by the casino, so that the house would have an advantage. They found out just how the wheel was rigged so that they could find out what would be the " house edge", and so did the players this manipulation of their own " edge". Thus, they won again and again, and was literally rich in playing roulette.

Today does not work this strategy. Roulette games are not rigged, at least if you take advantage of a serious online casino.

The Roulette scam

Roulette Strategies that do NOT work:

Some have claimed that you can make money Programming errors online casino, but this is just a bluff. Such errors do not exist, and is just a story designed to get people to play more of a losing strategy.

Another famous roulette strategy is Martingale, where to start to play small, and every time you lose, double your bet until you win. Then you will win in the end. The problem is that there are certain you have enough money to continue this strategy until you win, something that happens very often because of the exponential increase in effort. Forget the Martingale strategy

A strategy that does work

Is there at all a strategy you can use to win at roulette?

Yes, there is a strategy that has proven to work, to some degree. It was first described by LA Times editor Andrés Martinez. The strategy is called The dopey experiment has been shown to increase the chances of winning by exactly 60.68 % in roulette.

To play this strategy:

  1. Play roulette online casino - Casumo casino recommended.
  2. Share your bankroll in 35 equal parts (you have 3500 to play for each part 100 billion).
  3. Choose a random number on the roulette wheel.
  4. Play 35 spins of this figure after another. You bet 1 part (in our example: 100 million) for each spin.
  5. Completes all 35 spins regardless of whether you win or lose along the way.
  6. Chance to come out victorious of this system is 60.65 % and is the best roulette strategy we know of. Every time you play it is thus more than 60 % chance that you will win!

Try Dopey experiment also, it's a fun way to play roulette, and a strategy that works much better than any roulette strategy we tried.

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