Buy scratch cards

Scratch cards can be bought on the internet, and gives you the chance to win millions. They have now become so popular that it is possible to pay out frequent prices in million-class. We inform about online scratch cards here.

Scratch cards is more popular than never before, and buying them online is very easy.

Why buy scratchcards online?

Scratch cards that you buy in stores and kiosks has only one "advantage", that is the fact that you can scratch them using a coin, and you do not need a monitor or computer equipment when you scratch. However, it is still better to buy scratchcards online: This is because the payback percentage is better, which is around 95 % online, while offline tickets has a refund of less than 50 percent. It therefore pays to buy scratch cards online.

Buy online scratch cards at Betsson

If you buy scratch cards, then do it by all means where the chances of winning are the best and the rewards are greater: Buy digital scratch cards if you want to win.

How to buy online scratch cards

There are still many companies that offer online scratch cards, but those that offer these cards have become immensely popular.

It may not come as a surprise, but the best scratch cards can be found at Betsson. The weights at Betsson you can win up to 10 million. In fact, there are some periods of the year where you can win up to 20 million, so that by Christmas holidays.

Top cards

There are many different types of scratchcards and they have their own names. Here we list some famous scratch cards - you can find all these Betsson:

  • Super 3 Wow is a scratch card with prizes up to 1 million . Pick 3 cards and find 3 identical symbols, you can win the grand prize.
  • Ice is a scratch card that corresponds to what you can buy in kiosks, but differs significantly in one area, and it's payback percentage, here you get 95 % as at most other Betsson weights.
  • Winners Scratch Card has gain up to 1 million. £ 20 ticket. Match 8 matching symbols to win money.
  • Spin the Gold is a lot of big wins and inspired by summer games.
  • Football Scratch Cards you can find a lot of Betsson, here is as vertical as World Toto, Second Euro and World Champions, where you can win as much as 2 million.
  • Numero Uno is one of the funniest scratchcards we 've tried, with all 24 fields where 16 being scrapped, and you will uncover five or more 1's to win money. Prizes up to 200,000 dollars.
  • SMILE scratch card gives you the chance to win 2 million, if you scratch the 3 just smile. They have 9 lines of both scatter and wild symbols.
  • 20 -million scratch cards include Betsson, but note that these are only the holidays, as Christmas when Christmas Joy is a nice scratch. Otherwise, the year you can also win big prizes up to 10 million at Betsson their cards.

The above cards are just a taste of what you can solder, it is in fact Many more scratch cardsto buy at Betsson.

Want to win 10 or 20 million on scratchcards?

Betsson has the best scratch cards online with the biggest prizes. You can win a lot of money on these weights compared to other scratch cards.

Simply by special occasions and holidays, they have lots of prizes of 20 million. Otherwise, it's at least 10 million grand prize on some scratch cards all year. This includes scratchcard 3WOW scratch card that you can buy cheaply at Betsson.

On 3WOW you like the name suggests scraping the 3 " WOW " symbols, and you manage it, you will win 10 million

Betsson Scratch Cards can win anywhere from 10 million to 10 million, and on special occasions even more

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