Gambling addiction & problems

Gambling problems are serious for any individual affected as well as their families, but the real scale of the problem unknown. Here we look at the causes and symptoms of gambling addiction, and how to cure problem gambling.

Ludo Mania is the professional diagnosis of pathological gambling problems, and all those who suffer from it know that this is far from a fictional state. It's not just that they have poor control of spending or time commitment, but a mental illness with very serious consequences.

Gambling - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

There are many good treatment options and information sources that can help gamblers. These have been listed at the bottom of this page.

Some questions you should ask yourself if you think you can depend on the game or have gambling problems:

  • Consequences: Will the family, colleagues, friends, or your obligations affected by gambling?
  • You play too much: you play more than others think is right?
  • Desire to play more: Have you ever wanted to play to play for more money than what you had available?
  • Lying: Have you talked untrue to people close to you in relation to how much you play?
  • Opinion: Do you think that if you play long enough and large enough amounts, you're finally to win?

Typical of gamblers is that they play away more money than they own. Thus, the gambler with borrowed money, hoping that they might get lucky and win back your losses. Passion Play was a major problem until it is said, when slot machines were in the stores and the use of cash was more widespread. Today 's most of gambling via the internet, and it is easier to monitor the activities of gamblers.

Licensed online casino and gaming companies abroad have procedures to follow up to weed out players who show signs of problem gambling. The same goes for gaming in most countries in the world. The problem of course is that it is so easy to associate these rules.

Politicians in many countries have tried to regulate the extent of gambling problems by introducing bans and regulations. Some conspiracy theorists argue, however, that these regulations were only created to ensure the gambling monopoly in the respecitve countries.

Computer Games Addiction

Gambling addiction is a psychological disorder that can take many forms. Not always talking about gambling. In fact, it has been shown that video game addiction is the new form of gambling, many seek refuge in a virtual world.

Real financial losses for video game addiction is not necessarily less than spilleavhengighe playing games of chance.

As a result of addiction to video games lose a lot of income from work, miss school, education and career opportunities. In addition, new business models made ​​that payment for items in gaming can be an expensive affair. Not enough with that, but the game itself also costs a bit.

Økonosmiek indirect consequences of computer game addiction can be just as severe as for those who suffer from gambling addiction.

Extent of problem gambling online

Problem gambling is a serious problem and must be taken seriously. It is also important not dramatises extent, although the consequences for the individual can be dramatic enough.

There are many reports have estimated how many people are addicted to gambling online. It is also widely spread statistics about the types of games that give the most problems. The problem with this statistic is that it diverge somewhat violently, and we therefore do not intend to refer to this here.


Gambling addiction is a serious problem for all concerned. It is not only beyond the player himself, but family members and other interested also gets its share of problems.

Not everyone who does have problems. Most reports conclude that the percentage of players who have problems are a small percentage of the number of people participating in gambling.

Measures to limit the scope of gambling is important and one needs to pay attention to those who want to play, and that master to have a healthy and good relationship with gaming, whether it's gaming or video games.

A total ban on gambling ruin for all those who like to play and do not have problems. No restrictions make it difficult for those who have a gambling addiction.

No profit from gambling problems

Gambling addiction affects many people and it is important to get help to those who need it. No one benefits that people get addicted to gambling. Other players face restrictions as a result of measures to limit gambling, and we are of the opinion that neither game companies profit from gambling. writes that older gamblers who are treated over the internet, you will experience an improved quality of life, and they start to play less. This is good news for all gamblers, because the internet is not only a paradise for games and entertainment, but also a good channel for those who need help.

Below are many good sites that can help people with gambling problems.

When gambling becomes a passion

It is possible to have fun with gambling without suffering from gambling addiction. Some simple restrictions can be advantageously impose themselves.

Do not play with borrowed money. It's not necessarily illegal to play with borrowed money. The problem here is that the voltage is reduced. You do not retain the winnings even if you win and if you lose you become guilty of money.

Ambulatory individuals or companies do not want to lend money to someone who will gamble with money in gambling. Then you have to go behind the back of the holder, and many will feel the guilt.

Do not play with money you can not afford to lose. It's not illegal to play for money that was supposed to go to pay off the mortgage or saving for family holidays. Yet everyone knows that this is not a good idea.

You afford to spend 1,000 million and perhaps as much as 10,000 dollars a month on gaming, then you obviously do it, if this is what you want. It 's your money. Man keeping in mind that your financial obligations come first, and that there may be other ways to spend your money on that are far more reasonable. The budget for play money should be regarded as money set aside for entertainment, and if you win it will be a welcome bonus. Do not play with money you would rather spent on other things.

Playing to win.The goal of gambling is to win, or at least experience the thrill that you get the chance to win.

If you play skill games such as poker, or you think you have a real chance to win at gambling based on a proven strategy, then one can justify a larger amount of money to play, than if you only have gambling as a recreational activity. It is important to understand the probability of losses in different money games, so you can make a sensible decision on this basis.

It is allowed to have fun with playing. Some master it, others do not. The suffering of gambling experience thrill and adrenaline that gaming provides, but lack the ability to control their own gameplay. You are constantly looking for the opportunity to win back the lost. Gambling addiction is still very different from having passion for games.

Have you ludomania it is difficult to have a healthy relationship with games.

You can have fun with the gameplay experience "playing rapture " and invest their own money on the line without being compulsive gambler. It all boils down to the course to understand how much time and money you can afford to spend on gaming, without having to go out of their personal finances, career and social relationships.

Most people who play manages to find the balance, so spending time and adapted all other interests you have. Some can not do it, and as a result can be a compulsive gambler. For the latter group, there is help available.

More information about gambling and problem gambling

There are a lot of good information about gambling on the internet. We encourage those who may have trouble reading further on any of the pages listed here.

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