Internet casino guide

This is a guide to everything about online casino. Read this if you want to learn more about online casino works and also get the best tips on how to succeed in playing. Get to know how to get the best bonuses, the casino and the casino software which is good and bad.

There are currently many casino on the internet. It is therefore not always easy to find out where to play. That's why we created this guide to online casino. Very appropriate for beginners but advanced players can probably also pick up one and other helpful tips here.

Let's start by looking at what software is used in casinos online.

Top online casinos

Here are the most popular online casino among gamblers and players.

How safe is it to play in online casino?

Many people who are beginners wonder probably a bit if it is safe to play in online casino.

We will say that if you use the casino that we have recommended you can be hundred percent safe that your interests as a player will be taken care of. This is completely safe casino.

However, it is not at all casino that is as safe. You may have heard of delinquent casino where it is easy to deposit money, but if you win and to withdraw the money again, the case is quite different. Then it suddenly becomes almost impossible to make contact with the casino. Such casino is of course utterly frivolous, but this is the casino you will never see mentioned on our website. There are plenty of rogue casinos, but we discuss only the casino that is serious.

Engine in any online casino

Each online casino is powered by software running on the servers. Some casino is not however confined to just a software provider, but offers several casinos, in addition, they may have other systems where they run their poker services, betting and other online games.

There are many different software companies that create applications for casino. The most famous should we mention here:

Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is a provider that is familiar to most people who actively play online. They have many great casino games and include the slot machines with the highest jackpots.

So we Microgaming which is also a leading casino games provider, and as with NetEnt is also used in many Microgaming online casinos.

Last player who deserves to be mentioned is Betsoft. They have, in our opinion some of the best graphics on the games, but unfortunately they are not as prevalent in casinos as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Slot machines in online casino

Online casino would not be complete without a good selection of online slots. It does not matter how good roulette games and other casino table games may have, if they do not have good slot machines with great prizes.

Some machines characterized by having high jackpots, others maybe less grand prizes but in return they are extremely fun to play.

Please see more in our special casino games category.

Casino bonus

When you open a new account at a casino, there are many who forget that the casino actually offer generous welcome bonuses. Do not miss these.

First time you deposit money in the casino, since you can get as much as 100 % bonus on your first deposit. If you deposit 500, can you get 1000 dollars to play for! Such offers should definitely check out.

Waiting for you in enough bonuses from different casinos, you could end up getting bonuses valued at over 100,000 million

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Tax on casino winnings

Tax on casinos in EU: Many experts have stated that there should be no tax on casino winnings if you play at a casino in the EU and if you live in a country inside the European union.

Tax on casino winnings in America. In countries where playing is permitted, there should be no tax on winnings.

Tax on casino winnings in Africa: No tax on winnings for most countries.

Tax in Asia: Prices can usually be kept and you don't have to pay tax.

Win money and get rich casino

Many people dream about winning money at the casino online. We have on several occasions seen the players have had tremendous luck in online casino and become rich quick, literally in minutes.

How to win big money in an online casino:

Start playing at slots where it is possible to win huge jackpots. Often it is possible to win tens of millions on some machines on the network. Are you keen to win any major machines you can play for jackpots in the range of 50 million and above.

Scratch - many are trying their hand at online scratch cards, where you can also win a solid sum of money. Premiums vary with the season, but you can win at least 10 million the year, and as much as 20 million.

Free Games - If you want to play casino without betting money, it is also possible. As mentioned possible to get rich without risking your own money, even if the probability is then slightly less than if you are willing to invest. It is the case that the more you bet, the more chances you have to win. Here is a small guide we've written about free games.

The only way to win big money in the online casino, at least to participate. Those who do not participate, do not win. To win millions of dollars you must start by opening an account with one or more casino, and do not forget the welcome bonuses - then you get more money to play without raising efforts, see the tips we wrote further up the casino bonuses!

Play casino on your mobile phone

Many today with a computer wherever they go, whether it's at the cottage, on the tram, on holiday abroad or anywhere. This computer is so small that it can fit inside a cell phone.

Today's online casino software has to fit most smartphones. If you have an iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone or other smart phone, it is very likely that you can play for real money in an online casino on it.

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