Mobile casino

Mobile casino makes it easier to play and win money directly to mobile phones. Here is an overview of the best mobile casino, and some tips on what to look for.

Today's mobile phones are like small computers. There is still differences between a typical online casino and one that is designed for mobile.

We have selected the best mobile casino. The assessment is made ​​on the basis of its own tests, and we have also taken into account the experiences and reviews that have been submitted by players.

Top 5 mobile casino:

  1. MrGreen was started by some ambitious Swedes, who had personal passion for the game. The rare pathological gambling to the founders behind MrGreen has made ​​this online casino to something special. 20 free spins with us! Plus double the first deposit up to 3000 dollars.
  2. ComeOn is a major challenge to the established players. We like the atmosphere and the friendliness of their pages. If you deposit just a few dollars here, you will receive a double bonus.
  3. Casino Euro is the perfect online casino. The bonus could be higher, and they have no offers out of the casino (not betting or poker). Still, it works incredibly well, a casino that 's easy to like. Furthermore, Europe's biggest online casino
  4. Betsafe ...anyone who plays actively both already have an account here. They are leaders in betting, but those who have tested their casino also know that this is one of the better online casinos. Good selection of slot machines with huge jackpots here.
  5. Nordicbet is an excellent gateway to gambling online. Whether you play the regular casino games, betting, poker or games. Super software if you want to play on mobile. Here you get 20 free spins on one of their slots, and 200 % bonus (only by us).

Casino that we recommend is always serious, and have licenses that matters (so you can be assured that the casinos are supervised by independent agencies, and follows the rules of the respective authorities).

How to play games on their mobile casino?

It is easy to play with the phone, but it requires that you choose a casino that gives you this opportunity. There are many online casino that still is not compatible with all phones.

You can start by choosing a casino from the list above. Or even better: Choose several of the aforementioned casino - so you get more bonuses, ie more money to play for!

Advantage of choosing one of the above casinos is that they have good solutions tailored to gaming on mobile. A computer can run flash and javascript, but it simply is not safe even for a " smart phones " such as the iPhone or some Android phones. Therefore, we developed special mobile casino to tackle this task.

Do you have a very old phone it is usually new fancy doing any of the internet - related tasks. All modern phones could, however, be used for the aforementioned casino.

Play anywhere with your mobile phone

If you love to play, it is almost mandatory to install a mobile casino on your mobile.

These portable casino games open doors. Here are some great opportunities to play with your phone:

  • The café while waiting for the others, or when you just sit down to relax alone. Then a mobile casino actually quite spot on. Try it!
  • Troppisk gambling: Imagine that you are lying in the shade of palm trees on an exotic beach, taking out his mobile and plays a bit of a mobile based game. You win a few thousand patches and moves the bar to celebrate. If you have no luck, take you just a refreshing dip.
  • As a passenger in the car, on the train, bus, etc: All travel occasionally, and then an online casino on mobile a wonderful companion. If you win a lot of money, and you use public transportation, you might get some strange looks from fellow passengers, but who cares.
  • At the cabin or boat: Gambling and cottage life / boating go together. Now you can also combine this with the opportunity to win money.
  • After waiting: No one likes to stand in long queue, sitting in waiting, or stare at the wall.
  • When you're bored: Take your cell phone and off you go, it guaranteed cure boredom for a while.
  • When the computer is busy. You may not have your own computer, or someone else borrow it for a moment?
  • When the house is full of noise, take a walk with your mobile casino in your pocket.
  • All other occasions: Mobile casino can be used anywhere there is coverage, whenever you have time for it.

Problem of mobile casino is that the times it had been very nice to have it, has not it mobile.

Have 30 minutes free to play, so you're not reaching in addition to registering an account and depositing money, wait for the money to be transferred, and then play.

If you play on your phone later, you should make preparations now:

Find a mobile casino that you like and create a bookmark to this Casin on your mobile so you can easily find it when you play. We particularly recommend these mobilcasinoene:

Casino Euro has a fantastic mobile casino, perfect if you just want to play a few rounds on a slot machine.

Nordicbet also has a smart choice. Here you can play hundreds of casino games from your mobile phone! If you do not have a smartphone, you can still use Nordicbet, they have in fact in addition also a casino for all mobiles with Java (most phones today have one of the parts).

Now that you know the benefits of having a mobile casino in your pocket, then do something about it now that you have the time. The next time you " have 5 minutes " can then be used for something more " sensible " than to stare at the wall or be bored.