Withdraws & deposits from online casinos

If you deposit money and withdraw winnings from your account online? Selecting a serious online game company should be easy to make deposits and withdrawals to / from the account. Here you can read more about payment methods and payment, e-wallets and tips for problems on withdrawals.

The easiest way to move money between your bank account and your personal betting accounts with gaming companies online is to use an electronic wallet.

We recommend that you use Skrill as it is now called (formerly Moneybookers). Another good option is Neteller, which you can use in virtually any online casino.

By selecting an online casino recommended by us, you will be guaranteed a good payment solution, whether you pay by credit card, Bankk transmission, or an electronic wallet.

Lawful to transfer money to the casino abroad?

Many were a bit confused when it came changes to the Bank Act in 2011. Now suddenly could not anymore banks transfer money to foreign gaming companies. Of course game companies quickly found a detour around this, and many online casinos makes it possible to transfer money with the credit cards, debit cards and electronic wallets.

To remove any doubt, if there should be any doubt:

It is 100 % legal to play in foreign gaming companies from most countries, and it is 100 % legal for players to make deposits and withdrawals from an account with these companies in the majority of places on earth.

Act adds only restrictions on banks, and does not affect the players directly. It is the banks' responsibility to ensure that the law is complied with. Moreover, many game companies created new companies whose only purpose is to handle transactions and gaming companies that have made ​​the changes that make the new banking law does not take effect in this area.

Electronic wallets perfect for payment with foreign gaming companies

An electronic wallet (e - wallet, electronic wallet, e -wallet) is by far the best way to transfer money to and from foreign gaming companies.

An electronic wallet is transferring money easier. However, it is not only the simplicity of deposits and withdrawals that is why one should use e - wallets. Enhanced privacy is also an argument, because then the casino will not need your credit card details, and authorities will not know which casino you play at. Smaller tracks, and better privacy.

Moreover, it goes much faster to transfer money when you have an electronic wallet. Instead of waiting for days that money is to be transferred, the transaction with an e -wallet happen almost instantaneously, particularly deposits. When it comes to withdrawal, it may take a few hours or up to 1 day, but it is still much better than the credit where it is common to have to wait for 2-3 days or 3-7 days by bank transfer.

What electronic wallet is the best?

There are many to choose from but the leading players are not only most reasonable to use, but they can be used in almost all gaming companies online:

  • Neteller you can use in virtually any casino. If you see that the casino does not offer transfer with NETeller, so it's probably not worth playing there either. All serious casino we have seen offers transferring money with Neteller.
  • Skrill (called Moneybookers before) might be a little cheaper for casino players, and Skrill is offered for withdraws and deposits by most online casinos.

We recommend that you create both a Neteller account and a Skrill account. Thus, you can easily receive and send money to and from betting on a faster and safer way. If the casino offers payment by Moneybookers as you use it and if not NETeller is a good option.