Live dealer casinos

Playing casino online is chopped more enjoyable when you can play with a real dealer, rather than a casino game program at a live casino and experience the difference! We did, and was impressed by how fun it is to use real dealer when playing.

In a live casino, you have something that you do not have an online casino. You have a real dealer, and it's a social gathering, not just you against a machine. There are now some online casino realized, and therefore they have launched online casino with a real dealer, as you can see and communicate with their live via webcam.

It 's fun to play live casino online, but we have found that there are large differences in quality. Some online casino has really put a massive effort into making this a great experience, other casino online has not impressed us at all.

We 've picked out a few casino that we think have made ​​an extra good job with their live casino.

Play live casinos with a real dealer

Here are the best live casino online:

  1. Betsafe is known so far, including great odds, a leader in online poker games, and two casinos (casino black and csaino red). They have also extended the live casino and this was a very positive surprise. All Betsafe has done in recent years has been the improvement after improvement, if you ask us, this is one of the best online casino available for online players. Live casino is well implemented and has everything you would expect of casino games dealer, such as roulette, craps and blackjack. This casino and betting site has arguably the best live casino we 've ever seen. A good technical solution makes it easy to get started, and you get a fat bonus casino after you put money into your player account. Not enough with that, here are some dealers gorgeous babes, who also knows how to act in the dealer role. This is the full package and they have really managed to create an extraordinarily good live casino that we highly recommend you try.
  2. Casino Euro also have a live casino, which we can recommend. They do not have the biggest welcome bonus, but click on our link you will get the best available bonus (selected upon registration). This is one of Europe's most popular online casino and the largest in Europe in terms of sales! Their live casino is one of the better you can find online and is worth trying.

To play live casino, you can start with one of the above recommendations. You will then play in a safe environment, in a regulated environment for operators who are fully licensed.