Vera & John

Vera & John is a colorful casino where it is possible to win much money. They use Betsoft software ot therefore offers a completely different game experience than you may be accustomed to. Especially good on the slots!

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Bonus: Exclusive Vera&John bonus

Vera & John Casino has declared itself as a "fun casino". It is indeed well. Anyone who knows Betsoft games, know that this is very funny game.

Vera & John Casino exclusive bonus

Vera and John Casino has one of the best casino bonuses online, if you deposit 1000 dollars, you will get 2,000 dollars to play for! This is a real doubling of real money!

If you wish, you can of course add a small amount, but then you will not get the advantage of the bonus as possible. If you decide to deposit more money later, it is therefore best to put in maximal amount at the first deposit.

Vera & John uses Betsoft casino games

It is no secret that there are NetEnt slot machines are those with the greatest jackpots, but you have to be extremely lucky you are going to win something big there. What's great about BetSoft machines that Vera & John uses is that the winning chances are relatively large, and so are the graphics and entertainment value incredibly exciting too.

Does not NetEnt slot machines because it's fun, but because they have the biggest jackpots. You play on Betsoft slots because it's fun, and because they have big chances to win. Why is it fun? The fact that it is easier to win, making it more fun - and in addition, all the video animations and animation of the game helps make the whole experience into something that is worth experiencing.