Online Poker

Online Poker is the online edition of the world's most popular card game. Poker is a game where skill is decisive for the result. It is even possible to earn a living playing online poker.

There are many poker sites to choose from. All have their advantages and disadvantages. We have found our favorite, which is Betsafe - where you have the best conditions for success if you want to make a living playing poker.

Betsafe has everything you need to succeed as a poker player: A serious company which withdrawals and deposits are no problems, the best poker tournaments, cash games, always possible to find a table where you can "fish ", and so on. Betsafe has given us the best conditions for playing poker.

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List of poker

There are many poker sites to choose from. Our favorite mentioned above is a strong recommendation from our side, but we would also remind you that there are many poker companies to choose from.

List in the link above will show you all poker sites online, and direct links tli the best available bonuses for each of these.

Poker is a skill game

Playing poker is all about skills. The person skilled in poker will always be the winner in the long run. Losing a few times along the way, even world champion do, but overall it is always the one who has the best skills in poker game wins.

Why is it that the best poker players will always win, and can live to play poker. Are you bad at poker, you can win on luck for a short time, but you will eventually lose the benefit of those who have the skills. Bigger chance to win with bad luck and good skills than luck and no skill!

Among the pro players it is generally agreed that the skills are what matters to whether you win in poker or not. Had there been a chance games as we had never had an elite poker players.

As in any gambling poker also involves chance, but to a lesser degree than games like lotto and casino games.

Because poker is a skill game, it is completely possible to Living playing poker. There are actually many poker players who make and they have poker as a job.

Some will get rich by playing poker. There are usually pros who grow rich on poker. Some are addicted to games, and waste winnings on other games, and so earn the money back into poker. Skilled poker players, there are many, and it 's possible to get one of those by train, train, train. Start playing poker online.

It is legal to play poker in your country

In most countries it is perfectly legal to play online poker, just as it should be in a free world. There is no one who can deny you to play and if you win you will of course be paid to the prices your account if you wish. Online poker is legal in most places around the wolrd, even if you play with foreign companies.

So the big question is:

What poker site is the best?

If you are going to play poker, we recommend Betsafe, they are the best poker site you will ever find.