Play poker for a living

Poker is more popular than ever, and much of this is due to definitely online poker. Over the past 20 years, poker has been available in some form online, and today there are many who actually live on income from online poker games.

If you play poker, it is important to pick up a good place to play, this is the alpha and omega and very crucial if you are to succeed. We use Betsafe poker and could not be happier. See also this list of poker sites.

How you play is of course essential, but it is not without significance how to play. Poker is actually a game of skill, and unlike most casino games, it is not just luck that determines the result.

Living from playing poker

There are many poker players who honestly can say that they earn a living by playing poker. Such you do not see in other betting games.

The relatively large number of poker players who make a living off poker. It may sound strange, but already in 2005 it was estimated that around 10,000 people in the world made a living from online poker. Today there is probably somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people that are making a living simply by playing online poker, and another 100,000 making a living from offline poker and poker turnaments.

Truth is that it is possible to make a living playing poker. And yes, it is possible to get rich poker game.

To be successful it requires of course that you have the qualities required to become a good poker player: You have to be willing to learn, first and foremost, and it can only do by playing a lot. Do you play a lot of poker, and have a normally functioning brain, you are hard to find, what it takes to become a good poker player. There is not much more complicated than that - but you must therefore be willing to learn and improve as a player all the time.

You will not achieve overnight success, and many will give up the pursuit of regular poker revenues in the beginning. NO ONE is going to make a lot of money from the beginning, and if you expect quick results you shoot yourself in the foot.

Lesson we have received, and also confirmed by other professional poker players, is this:

Give yourself time and you will improve as a poker player.

A good poker player will be able to make money at poker. A bad poker player will be able to win a few times, but will never be able to survive the game for a long time.

We also found out about poker, and that is quite startling is this:

Finally, there is the good players are left with all the money. So far no surprises. What we have seen is that the level of online poker is not at all intimidating, and there are far more bad players than good players. In other words, you need not be a pro to live by online poker games, you just have to be good enough to win money from the bad players - and they are what put many off.

Recommended poker sites:

Betsafe is said that our favorite poker online. They have in general always generous welcome offer for new players, so you should check out before you start playing. Do not bother looking for the best deals around on the net.

Another good place to play poker is Unibet. It might come as no surprise, this is one of the most popular pokersites ever. Unibet is always a safe choice, and also a website we can vouch for. There are good introductory offer to new players, and it's not so hard to be persuaded to start playing here. Moreover, this is the " second home " to many of the biggest poker talents which all have an account here.

We can also mention ComeOn which is relatively recent by comparison with the other poker sites mentioned here. NordicBet is an online games operator specializing in odds betting, casino and poker. They have many great deals to poker players.

The above are the pages we prefer when we play poker online.You will quickly find out that it pays to have player accounts with several online game players, not just because you then get used all welcome the good deals they provide, but also because there are different times it can pay to play with the different pages.

Have you poker account at all mentioned here, and also accrue great abilities as a poker player, you have in fact everything you need to live by online poker game.

What is the best poker site for online poker?

Everyone has their favorite, but Expekt is another good one (in our opinion one of the best poker site on the web). Works just fine for amateurs and professional players. The biggest cash games in the world races.

There are many many more also the poker sites to choose from. Sometimes one wishes to play in the other room than where you usually play. We have listed several suggestions in the introduction to this article, it is not enough you can see the link below.